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AZ Comfort Air knows your high efficiency furnaces – If you are looking to buy new furnace in Mississauga, than we are your one stop service shop for all your home heating furnace needs.

We sell and install new home heating products in and around Mississauga area. We sell highest quality home gas furnaces. All of our products are backed by a superior five-year parts and labor warranty. We guarantee our services to be professional and of exceptional quality.

Your satisfaction is our motivation.

Mississauga Furnace Installation Services

At AZ Comfort Air we’ve been installing new gas furnaces in Mississauga homes for well over 35 years. We are a small family run company that knows the homeowners needs when comes to new furnace installation for their home heating needs. We’ve been contracted by many Mississauga home owners to install a new furnace based on:

  • Help we provide before new furnace installation to determine proper home heating size to match with proper BTU output of your new gas furnace
  • Fast and professional installation with minimal disruption to home owners.
  • Very competitive prices on new furnaces, equipment and accessories such as thermostats, heat exchanges and humidifiers.
  • Every new gas furnace installation in Mississauga and area receives a free programmable thermostat.

Your satisfaction of job well done, clean and efficient furnace installation is our motivation.

High Efficiency Natural Gas Furnace (90+ Efficiency)

Achiever 90 Plus Modulating Gas Furnace w/ Contour Comfort Control

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on heat exchanger. All Other parts 5 years.

Achiever 90 Plus Gas Furnace w/ Dual Comfort Control

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on heat exchanger. All Other parts 5 years.

Achiever 90 Plus Gas Furnace

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on heat exchanger. All Other parts 5 years.

Achiever 90 Gas Furnace

Warranty: 20 years warranty on heat exchanger. All Other parts 5 years.

A look inside …

  1. Hi Efficiency Gas Furnace DiagramHEAT EXCHANGER
    Our stainless steel heat exchanger is so reliable, we back it with a limited lifetime warranty. GAS VALVE The innovative modulating gas valve improves furnace efficiency by regulating the amount of gas being supplied to the furnace. The modulating valve “modulates” between 40% and 100% of total capacity to ensure the right amount of fuel is supplied at each moment. The result is some of the best furnace efficiency ratings, combined with unequaled comfort in the industry.
    Achiever 90 Plus furnaces use a time-tested direct-spark ignition system for dependable ignition every time. A remote sensor is also employed to constantly monitor the existence of a flame.
    The 2-speed, induced-draft motor in the Achiever 90 Plus Furnace with Contour Comfort Control quietly and safely vents combustibles outdoors. It is so reliable, we back it with a 5-year limited warranty.
    The integrated furnace control, the “brain” behind this furnace, uses 2 processors to ensure optimum performance. An innovative 7-segment LED display provides handy troubleshooting and diagnostic information.
    An energy-efficient electric motor designed to vary in speed depending on the demand for heat. So efficient, it uses less electricity than a 75-Watt light bulb.
    The permanent, washable filter is designed to be easy to access and clean.

Standard Features throughout the Line

  • Heat exchanger is constructed of all stainless steel (J-series models feature aluminized steel) for maximum corrosion resistance and thermal fatigue reliability.
  • Low profile “34-inch” design is lighter and easier to handle, perfect for new or retrofit installations, with room for optional accessories.
  • Top electrical connections, left or right gas and condensate drainage connections on downflow models.
  • Optional indoor or outdoor combustion air.
  • Integrated control board manages all operational functions and provides hookup for electric air cleaner.
  • An insulated blower compartment, a slow-opening gas valve and a specially designed inducer system.
  • Molded permanent filters (excluding J-series)
  • Optional indoor or outdoor combustion air. In addition, combustion air may be piped to either the top or side of the cabinet on all uplow models.
  • Transformer and control fuse protection
  • Control board diagnostics

Every New Furance we install is precisly selected to match the home’s size and comfort needs.

High efficiency furnace job is to move warm air throughout your Mississauga home. Our TSSA certified and knowledgeable consultants will work with you to determine proper size of a new furnace based on the size of home or condominium. We will correctly asses your personal home heating needs alongside house cubic footage, heating area requirements and heat loss.

Correctly matched high efficiency gas furnace, coupled with ECM or DC blower motor, will effectively and cheaply heat your Mississauga house. Your new gas furnace will also help you save money and increase home comfort when properly matched with your air conditioner, air quality equipment and humidifier.

AZ Comfort Air – Quality service and affordable convenience

AZ Comfort Air stands behind our high efficiency line of heating and cooling units as the smart choice for our customers. Our experienced staff can help you make the best decision for your next purchase. We are a premium installer of products for your Mississauga home heating and cooling needs.

We service and maintain all major name heating and cooling systems to satisfy the needs of our clients. We work with both Mississauga residential and commercial systems. We can service any brand name, guaranteed. Call us for a FREE estimate for a new gas furnace or air conditioner installation.

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