Air Conditioner sales and installation in Mississauga

AZ Comfort Air knows your AC (Air Conditioner) – If you are looking to buy new Air Conditioner unit in Mississauga, than we are your one stop shop for all your home cooling needs.

When your old air conditioner is ready for a new upgrade, call us first for a new air conditioner price and installation service. In many cases, upgrading to a new ac unit, is more affordable that many Mississauga home owners may think. Don’t wait… call our office for a free estimate or submit a quick form note with your Mississauga address where we can install you a new air conditioner.

An average Mississauga 2000 square foot home will need about 4 tons of cooling unit… but a more accurate determination can be made by doing a heat lose/gain evaluation. The higher the ac efficiency rating (SEER), the lower energy bill will be. High SEER rating units such as 13 or 16 or higher will offer the best efficiency and lower running costs. Government of Ontario and power companies also offers rebates and tax incentives for installing a higher efficiency ac units.

Our most popular AC units:

Air Conditioner Mississauga - 18 to 16 SEER

18 SEER Ultra Series Air Conditioner


  • High efficiency for low-cost cooling – up to 18 SEER in certain matched systems.
  • Cooling capacities from 34,000 to 38,000 BTU/H.
  • A 10-Year limited warranty on all parts, including the Scroll compressor – the quietest, most reliable compressor ever made.
Air Conditioner Mississauga - 18 to 16 SEER

16 SEER Ultra Series Air Conditioner


  • High efficiency for low-cost cooling – up to 17.10 SEER in certain matched systems.
  • Broad range of cooling capacities from 22,800 to 58,000 BTU/H.
  • A 10-Year limited warranty on all parts, including the scroll compressor – the quietest, most reliable compressor ever made.
AC Unit Goodman Mississauga - Air Conditioner 14 SEER

14 SEER Performance Air Conditioner


  • R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant and Energy-efficiency compressor
  • Factory-installed liquid line filter drier
  • Copper tube/aluminum fin coil & brass liquid & suction line valves
  • A 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty.

Standard Air Conditioner Features throughout the Line

  • They are Green – Inside & Out. Green air conditioner is much more than the patented neutral-green color of our products. Beneath our air conditioner green exterior is a full line of energy efficient, highly reliable, environmentally friendly units. Our high-efficiency ac condensing units are designed to use less energy, which meet or exceed world environmental standards.
  • Heart & Scroll. The heart of our air conditioner unit is the compressor. That’s why every ac unit features a Copeland Scroll Compressor. On-board safeguards protect your compressor from damage if your refrigerant level is ever too high or low. Plus, the new Comfort Alert system aids technicians in servicing or repairing your air conditioner unit, saving you time and money.
  • Durable Cabinet. Our galvanized steel cabinet protects your Mississauga ac unit from the elements, helping reduce maintenance expense.
  • Low Corrosion and Sound. A special base pan elevates the air conditioner unit off the pad and away from corrosive condensation. More quiet performance and lower vibration levels also result.
  • Fan-tastic. Our air conditioner motor mount prevents damage to your fan motor — extending its service life. For quiet operation and improved efficiency, certain models feature the GE ECM two-speed motor with a 3-blade outdoor fan.
  • Serviceability. Service time and expense are kept to an absolute minimum. In addition to having the lowest profile in the industry, the removal of one panel provides your HVAC technician easy access to all internal components of your Mississauga air conditioner unit.
  • Compressor Protection. If your refrigerant level is ever too high or low, on-board safeguards protect your compressor from damage.
  • Wrap-Around Coil. High-quality copper tubing and corrosion-resistant aluminum fins provide better airflow, improved efficiency, and lower operating costs.

Choosing the right Air Conditioner unit in Mississauga Area

Selecting an air conditioner for your Mississauga home is a big decision. It’s an important investment today. It will play a key role in your home energy expenses for years to come. And when the summer heat is at its worst, you’ll want your family to have the best, most reliable cooling comfort possible. Here are a few things to consider when choosing Air Conditioner unit in Mississauga:

What do good Air Conditioner units have in common?

The best ones are efficient, operating on minimal electricity to hold energy bills down. They provide steady, reliable performance year after year when properly maintained. Good AC units are quiet, long-lasting and low in service needs.

At AZ Comfort Air heating and cooling we service and maintain all major name air conditioner systems to satisfy the needs of our clients. We work with both Mississauga residential and commercial systems. We can service any brand name, guaranteed. Call us for a FREE estimate for a new AC unit repair and installation.

How can I be sure my air conditioner unit is the right size for my Mississauga home?

Obviously, an air conditioner that’s too small won’t keep your home sufficiently cool. But what many don’t realize is that an oversized air conditioner will cycle (turn on and off) more than necessary, wasting expensive Ontario energy and possibly putting undue strain on the ac compressor.

AZ Comfort Air, a Mississauga air conditioner experts, will careful study your home cooling requirements. Window dimensions and exposure. Floor space, insulation and Mississauga climate. Heat-generating appliances. The direction your home faces. Even the amount of your home’s exterior shaded by trees.

We will specify the cooling capacity of the system in either Btu/h (British thermal units of heat removed per hour) or refrigeration tons (one ton being equal to 12,000 Btu/h).

Which air conditioners are most energy efficient?

Much like automobile manufacturers, today’s air conditioner manufacturers are required by law to evaluate and rate their equipment according to its energy efficiency. This rating is known in the industry as a SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the equipment.

Most new Mississauga homes with air conditioners come equipped with a standard builder’s model. However, when replacement becomes necessary, Mississauga home owners can upgrade their air conditioning by specifying a more energy-efficient system.

Our best seller model (SEER 14), it’s significantly higher than Ontario builders models, many of which carry SEER’s of around 10. High SEER models are generally more expensive, but can easily make up the difference by reducing your Ontario home energy bills over the long run.

Don’t wait… call our office for a free estimate or submit a form with your Mississauga address where we can recommend you a new air conditioner unit.

Are some air conditioners built better than others?

The compressor is the heart of an air conditioner unit. On a hot Mississauga city day, it works long and hard. The units we sell and install have highly advanced Copeland Scroll Compressor condensing unit. These air conditoner compressors are recognized by the industry as the leader in reliability, efficiency and quiet operation.

Other features to look in a new air conditioner purchase include louvered steel cabinets that protect the coils from damage and expensive repair bills.

Also, with some condensing units, the fan can be another source of bothersome noise. AZ Comfort units that we offer to Mississauga home owners have a grill design that minimizes air restriction for quieter fan operation.

What should I look for in a HVAC installer in Mississauga?

Reliability. Look for a dealer you see in your Mississauga community. You want one who’s close by to provide you faster, more convenient service. HVAC installer should also offer a recognized name brand and well-stocked inventory of replacement parts. You wouldn’t want to sit out a mid-summer Ontario heat wave waiting for a simple repair!

AZ Comfort Air is an exclusive dealer of RUUD-brand products. We stand behind this line of heating and cooling units as the smart choice for our Mississauga customers. Our experienced staff can help you make the best decision for your next purchase. We are a premium installers of products for your heating and cooling needs.

Call in the experts at 416-738-5533 when you want a job done right.

AZ Comfort Air does more than just fix broken gas furnaces. We provide many HVAC services in Mississauga. Request a quote for a a furnace, air conditioner, water heater or any other HVAC system service.